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Complete description of A-SEAT


A-SEAT is a pay-as-you-go reserved seat system available on the "Shin-Kaisoku" trains operated by JR West. It is mandatory to purchase a seat reservation ticket in advance. The additional fee is not cheap, but the facilities provided are equivalent to those of a regular express train.


The Shinkaisoku itself also serves Tsuruga and Maibara Stations, but due to the convenience of the cars in which the A-SEAT is connected, it is only available between Yasu (or Kusatsu) and Aboshi (or Himeji) on the Shinkaisoku via the Tokaido Main Line.

Trains with A-SEAT settings

In Kanto, green cars for regular trains are offered on major line sections and almost all trains can use them, while A-SEAT is available only on some trains. Although the number of trains is not large, it is concentrated on commuting to and from work and going home. It does not mean that there are no trains at all.


Please refer to JR's website for the timetable of Shinkaisoku trains with A-SEAT service.


The name "Shinkaisoku ◯go" will be assigned to Shinkaisoku trains with A-SEAT.

Reserved Seat Ticket Sales Locations

It is also available at Midorino ticket vending machines and through e5489, JR West's Internet reservation service. In addition, if you select "Ticketless Reserved Ticket" instead of a paper ticket on e5489 (credit card registration required), you will receive a discount of 600 yen off the regular 840 yen reserved seat fee.


Please note that this discount does not apply if you select "Receive paper tickets" on e5489.


Fares are uniform. No matter which station you board or alight at, the reserved seat fare remains the same. Fares are as follows.

paper ticket


Ticketless express tickets (e5489 only)


However, in addition to the reserved-seat ticket, a ticket for the section to be boarded is required to board the train. Please note that you cannot even enter the ticket gate with only a reserved-seat ticket.

Ticket inspection and crew

A-SEAT cars are manned by crew members. They explained to passengers who had mistakenly entered the A-SEAT area, and provided boarding information in foreign languages to foreign visitors to Japan. Also, each time the train departs from a station, the terminal displaying the seat assignment status is compared with the actual train interior to prevent unauthorized boarding.


Since the seats are reserved, there is no ticket inspection, but crew members are always checking the ticket. Please do not board the train illegally.




The seats are lined up on a par with those of express trains.


Only the front row has such a table.

Curtains can be fixed in any desired position.

The edge of the window of the window seat can be used to place a drink or other beverage.

Press the reclining button to make the seat fold down.

Even if the person in front of you has the seat folded down, you will not feel cramped.

A Type A electrical outlet is located at the end of the armrest.

Shelf and seat number

It can be recognized by the Braille and text on the projection (handle) at the end of the backrest.

A mesh pocket is provided under the table for small items.

One's step

There is no footrest.


JR_WEST_TRAIN_Wi-Fi is available free of charge.

You can probably afford to at least browse the Internet. (Depends on the time of day and location.)


Although not exclusively for A-SEAT users, A-SEAT cars are equipped with toilets.

Luggage storage space

There is also a luggage storage area. But Keep your valuables close to you.

security camera

Information Display

The information display shows not only the next stop, but also delays and other operational information.


This is my complete introduction to A-SEAT. Although paper tickets can be quite an attack on your wallet (especially if you are a student), the atmosphere is great. The lighting is warm and inviting, and the A-SEAT area, with its lack of hanging advertisements and hanging straps, is a relaxing place to work or take a break.


The peace of mind of knowing that you will be seated reliably is also half the battle, and well worth the price. I hope this service will be expanded in the future.


If you use the Special Rapid Service, please use A-SEAT if you have time.


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First published: Aug 18, 2023